The Rockford Carriage Company

Boiling Springs, North Carolina
Take a trip
to a time almost forgotten,
where horseshoes clop on cobblestone streets,
a warm hand holds your own, and onlookers stop to admire.
Whether you're heading to the altar, hosting a special event,
or touring an old town square, we'll take you there.
We are The Rockford Carriage Company.
And we welcome you.

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Meet Charles

Charles and Granddaughter

Charles Stroud is the founder and owner of The Rockford Carriage Company.
He takes care of the animals (they live at his house), drives the carriage, and takes a great deal of pride in the work.

Charles has a passion for people. He loves meeting new folks and hearing their stories and in particular, being there on a special day for them. For him, there is a certain magic in the old ways of doing things. He is an avid hunter, fisherman, farmer, and frankly, so many things we can't list them. He is a renaissance man, and by that we mean he is both talented in a number of fields and enjoys doing things that were popular during the actual renaissance (in the 15th and 16th centuries).

He grew up in Lattimore, North Carolina and graduated from Crest High School.

Charles briefly attended NC State University (until they figured out he was spending more time hunting than going to class—a revelation that came at the end of his first semester).

He owns a braided rug company (Stroud Braided Rugs) and is the fourth generation in his family to make braided rugs.

What drew him to carriages is a life-long love of the outdoors and animals. And people.

After the passing of his neighbor and very close friend, Cline B. Hamrick, who had done the Christmas carriage rides in Uptown Shelby for decades, Charles bought three carriages and mules, and decided to carry on the tradition.

Today, he is mostly retired (with the exception of playing with his four grandchildren, fixing sewing machines, and tending a small farm in his backyard that he calls a garden). The carriages are a hobby and a labor of love, and he truly enjoys seeing the joy it brings others, even if he is tired a lot of nights (because it keeps him going—and that's sort of what it's about for him).

Charles in Shelby

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Meet the Mules

Those Majestic Animals

Many people think that horses are pulling our carriages. These wonderful animals are actually mules.

Their names are Jill and Kate. They are powerful draft mules and while they can occasionally be cantankerous at home (not unlike their owner), they are exceptionally hardworking and strong and reliable (also like their owner).

Those Majestic Animals

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We have four carriages to choose from.

All the carriages are the same price (it costs us the same to transport them and pull them).
So, choose the one you want for your event.

Note: we can only bring one carriage to each event (it's just a physical limitation--we can only tow one carriage at a time).


Cinderalla Carriage

Seats six (or four adults and four children). Ideal for formal events.


Limo Carriage

Seats six (or four adults and four children). Ideal for formal events and semi-formal events.

Limo Carriage



Accommodates all standard size caskets.



Wagon Carriage - 1

Seats a lot. It has a bathroom and we can make room for lots of folks.
It's really for informal events.
This is what Charles uses at home to give rides to family and friends.

Wagon Carriage - 1

Wagon Carriage - 1

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We mostly do carriage rides for private events.

Here and there, we do public events through partnerships with cities, campgrounds, and other organizations.

For example, we currently do the Christmas carriage rides in Uptown Shelby, carrying on the tradition of Cline B. Hamrick. Those rides occur on Friday nights in December (you'll need to book that through them; please search the web for: "Holiday Carriage Rides - Uptown Shelby").

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We give everyone the same price.

We charge:

A base fee  +  travel cost  +  carriage time


base fee:   $480
travel cost:   $2/mile
carriage time:   $100/hr


We don't decorate the carriages, but you are welcome to.
We just need to know ahead of time so that we can get there earlier.

Travel cost is calculated as the distance from Boiling Springs, NC to your event.

Carriage time starts when the first carriage ride starts and ends at the last ride.
We don't charge you for setting up or packing up to leave.

If you are a new client, we require a 50% deposit on the estimated total cost.

To get started, call Charles Stroud at 704-434-2495 or email: [email protected]

Common scenarios:

Wedding #1:

My wedding is 30 miles from Boiling Springs.

I want the Cinderella carriage to bring the bridal party to the altar, then my father and me.

Afterward, I want the carriage to take me and my spouse to the photoshoot, then depart.

In total, it will be two hours of carriage time.

base fee:   $480
travel cost:   $ 601
carriage time:   $2002
total:   $740
1travel cost: 30 miles x $2/mi = $ 60
2carriage time: 2hrs x $100/hr = $200


Wedding #2:

My wedding is 20 miles from Boiling Springs.

I want the limousine carriage to bring in the bridal party and then, my father and me.

Afterward, I want the carriage to take me and my spouse to the photoshoot.

Then, I want it to stay and do carriage rides during the reception. When the reception ends (four hours later), I want the carriage to carry my new spouse and me away.

In total, it will be five hours of carriage time.

base fee:     $480
travel cost:     $ 401
carriage time:     $5002
total:   $1,020
1travel cost: 20 miles x $2/mi = $ 40
2carriage time: 5hrs x $100/hr = $500

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Q + A

Are you insured?

Yes. We have a $2 million dollar liability policy.

* * *

Do you have a contract?

Yes. It is the same for everyone.

* * *

What happens if I need to cancel? If it rains or the weather isn't good or something else happens?

Don't worry about it. We allow you to cancel up to the day of your event.

We understand that things happen, and we can't control the weather.

If you reschedule the event, we will make every effort to be available on the new date. If we can't be there or you choose not to reschedule, you will get all of your deposit back. We will not charge you for an event that we didn't work.

* * *

What happens if Charles or the animals get sick?

We'll try to find a replacement driver and make your event happen. If we can't, we'll call another carriage company. If we can't find one, we will refund every dollar of your money.

* * * 

Does it matter how many people ride in the wagon?

No. We charge by the hour, so it doesn't matter to us.

* * *

Can I decorate the carriage?

Yes. You are free to decorate the carriage with flowers, signs, and ribbons (or other embellishments) as you choose--as long as you don't do any permanent alterations like painting or welding.

We will remove any decorations after your event--or you are welcome to remove them if you would like to keep the items you added.

* * *

How far will you travel?

It depends on what time your event starts. Charles likes to get home and get the animals cleaned and put up by at least eight PM. 

Contact us to talk, but sixty miles is about the farthest he will travel these days.

* * *  

Can I come and see the carriages?


Just let us know, and we'd be glad to have you here to take a look. We're located in Boiling Springs, NC. To schedule a time, call Charles Stroud at 704-434-2495 or email: [email protected]

* * *

How will the driver be dressed?

Charles typically wears a tuxedo for formal events but can dress casually if requested.

* * *

Can I use my own driver for the carriage?

No, unfortunately, for insurance purposes (and our peace of mind for the animals), only Charles will drive one of our carriages.

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Contact Us

Ready to get started or have a question? Get in touch.

Call Charles Stroud at 704-434-2495 or email: [email protected]

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